Teenagers. The joys.

Anyone else ever have a “gathering” or a “chill” of their  teenage kids and their pals- that seems to NEVER end?  It seems like that no matter what time the party/hang/whatever is set for, there are always some kids that just.don’t.leave.

 Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the majority of my daughter’s friends. But the parent of said friends can be (only some, not all) can be exasperating.  When they are too young to drive themselves they can’t leave until their parents get there to pick them up. Some of which I don’t think can read or understand digital clocks.  

 Which leaves me either being a “nag”, and relentlessly asking WHEN someone will be there to pick up, or driving all over creation to drop them off. SO frustrating.  I get that when someone else volunteers their house for several hours to occupy YOUR teen that maybe it opens up some fun avenues for you as a parent, but be responsible for Pete’s sake.

I will try to plan things with a “hard” drop off & pick up time so there are not any surprise calls of “Mom, come get me NOW”, and I allot about a four hour window, so that other parents can utilize the time for lunch and movie, but for REAL people!

How do other people handle it?



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