Love. The great misconception.

I have some wonderful, amazing, beautiful and intelligent friends that continue to participate in unhealthy relationships with people that are just NOT good for them. But, they LOVE them, and for some that is all that really matters.  How much money is spent every year on people searching for love via social networking, “chick-flicks”, romance novels, etc.? All in the guise of “searching for (or retaining) love”- which for some is really just avoiding “ALONE”.

I stumbled across this article yesterday that had a wonderful and refreshing point of view.  As I have mentioned before, I have been married for over two decades.  Yes, we have had our share of ups & downs, thick & thin, and verbal skirmishes. However, through it all we not only knew that we loved each other, but that we SUPPORT each other in a way that is helpful and healthy.

I am definitely not saying that it has been all roses and rainbows (anyone that knows us would laugh their asses off at that thought) as we are both stubborn, sarcastic individuals- but, knowing that through it all we had each other’s best interests at heart has been the rock-solid foundation that we stand on.

Even when we lost everything but each other, that foundation of support was there for us to build back up.  Anyway, something to think about.

This is truly a great read by Mark Manson:

Best.Couples.Advice. EVER


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