So my run buddy and I have decided to challenge each other to a “run off”.  We are going to try to build up to 100 miles per month, which we have to document via Run apps.  Whichever of us with the least amount of logged miles has to buy the other lunch at the end of each month.

I am sincerely hopeful this will cut through this complete physical and mental lethargy I have been swimming in all summer.  I have no idea how else to shake it. I will tell you that I am sick and tired of it, and ready to get back to myself.  I am not exactly what one would call a “picture of fitness”, but I am generally in an overall good shape (What? Round and lumpy is a shape!)

The only issue for me would be that the majority of my miles will be logged in the gym.  I don’t know anyone that LOVES to run on the dreadmill.  Since we live over 60 miles apart from each other, we can’t meet up that often to physically run together and I don’t have any one to run with on my side of town.  Added to that I am an extreme chicken with an amazingly fluid and over active imagination- so running alone at night is NOT a good idea for me.  I don’t get home early enough to be able to run any length of time prior to darkness.  Yes, I am (almost) certain that zombies aren’t real. However, if one were to give chase, I would definitely crap my pants while scream-running through any public place, and then keel over dead from fright.  Therefore, in the interest of the general public I will not test that theory.  You are welcome public.



A very Shaggy moment for me!


Zombie Chase


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