Bengals- Heart of a lion

I am not a football person.  I have always been much more interested in watching paint dry, grass grow, etc. You get the idea. But as I am scanning the news feeds this morning, I ran across the article on Fox Sports about Devon Still.

I must say that in today’s day and age, where most people only look out for number one, and most companies have ZERO loyalty with their employees, this is a lovely and refreshing stand.

Or, it could be a PR move.  Don’t know. Don’t care- all I know is that it is giving a father an opportunity to continue the fight for the life of his child, and no matter the reasoning behind it, I am sure that he is grateful for that chance.

In case you didn’t know, Devon Still’s young daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer.  He had missed some practices, and was cut from the team.  Apparently the Bengals decided to re-instate him but on the practice team.  This way he doesn’t have to travel and is able to retain a salary and his health benefits.

It is always a refreshing change to hear something positive in the news!       Positivity on the news feed

Good luck little Leah Still!  We are all rooting for you!

Do you think it was only a PR move?


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