Challenge! Daily Updates

  1. September 4, 2014- Ran 5.18 miles in 65 minutes
  2. September 5, 2014- Instead of hitting gym to run the needed 5 miles, went to dinner with the hubs since he will be gone for two weeks.  Added to that, my awesome female parts are on strike or something. Talk about NO BUENO! Although- I did discover the “Fly Over” option on Map my Run- and that is AMAZEBALLS. Can’t wait to try that out on Saturdays 6 miler.
  3. Saturday, September 6, 2014- Met up with Miss Vicky at McCormick Railroad park. We ran/walked around the park and across the street to the golf course. HOT, Humid and hilly! There may have been one or two emergency pit stops under bridges. Hey! Don’t blame us! Can we help it if they don’t open up the bathrooms early enough?  Now that I have an extra 600 calories burned I feel the need to eat everything in sight! I really need to work on this aspect of my character!  I will work on my character on Monday. 6.26 miles logged on my MapMyRun, 6.28 on Vicky’s MapMyRun, and I forget what her Garmin said. LOL
  4. Sunday, September 7, 2014- No run today.  Had to go to the laundromat because my prized Neptune has died.  Such despair!! Oh how I shall miss thee, oh Neptune! Hey, 11 pairs of a large man’s Levi’s in one wash load is impressive.  Still ravenous, and since the hubs is out of town visiting family I do not feel like making a decent dinner.  So, I had Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Turtle Sundae as dinner.  Equal parts ridiculously delicious and stupid.
  5. Monday, September 8, 2014- Apocalypse in Phoenix!  Holy loads of rain- think I may need an ARC to get to and from work today! NO WAY am I running in this! People lose their minds here when it rains.  I am not even driving to the gym.  After fighting through HOURS of traffic- I am having some wine. However, since I promised myself I would be “good” today, I am limiting to one small glass, and making the copycat recipe of Chili’s Mango Chile Chicken.  One small baked potato with 1 TBSP limit on the butter.  I know it could be better- but I am trying!  Turned out quite delicious (If I do say so myself)!
  6. Tuesday, September 9, 2014-Due to another sleepless night, I cave and get Starbucks for breakfast (which equates to one non-fat, tall Oprah Chai and a 500 calorie banana nut bread slice).  I think I will have to run FOREVER to make this right. SIGH.  Had a highly emotional day courtesy of my parents, so when I got home I hopped on the elliptical and pounded out 5.17 miles.  Starbucks officially at zero calories. BOOM
  7. Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  No run today.  Did take my mini-me out to dinner at Carraba’s.  Pasta loading for tomorrow’s LOOOOONG run
  8. Thursday, September 11, 2014-  Day of remembrance.  Ate a huge breakfast at the breakfast bar at work. Scrambled eggs, Potatoes, 2 entire strips of crispy bacon. MMM. Worked a long and tedious day…Still changed out for my run. Got my new RJ’s visor (YAHOO!) hit the gym and banged out 9.11 (went a little over as my math skills are not the best 9.28) miles in Memoriam.   My 9.11 Virtual Run

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