Bling Junkee- Talk Like a Pirate 10K

Oh man.  Just earned my “Talk Like a Pirate” 10K medal on Saturday. That was a lot of fun! Not even close to a competitive time, but a beautiful run/walk in a very green golf course in Scottsdale.  Well, until we got about 3.5 miles into it and realized that we were “sort of” in the way- I guess there was a High School Invitational. WOOPS.  Some very angry looking golf Moms out there. Glad none of them “Gilmore’d” us with a nine iron, or cracked us in the back of the head with a stray golf ball.

I have never been in trouble with the law before, but was starting to feel like an arrest may be made before we got out of there.  Apparently we are very LOUD talkers when we run. Huh. Who knew? (I know. EVERYONE)

Interesting side note though- the greens keepers here were really nice, and invited us to have some of the bottled ice water that was stationed in coolers about every 1/2 mile.  And that ice water was very much needed. It is HOT & HUMID as balls out on a golf course!  I thought we were going to sweat to death. Which contributed to our very slow pace, so this became a “FUN RUN” in name only. We mostly walked the hills. I do NOT know how you people run in humid conditions! BARRRFF.

talklikepirate1 talklikepirate2 talklikepirate3 talklikepirate4 talklikepirate5 runfie

Here is the sweet bling:

Sweet Pirate Bootay!

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