Holy Armageddon, Batman!

I have got to live in the weirdest city on the face of the planet.  The Phoenix area is a desert so we do not get much rain…Except for when we do.

As I am typing this my son is inner tubing a local skateboard park, and there are cars floating away on one of our major highways.  I won’t bore you with the insane 20 mile commute that I had today, but I will tell you that there was so much water on the freeway that I was driving on that the officer driving the police cruiser next to me had his cell phone out and was taking video.  Which was what I wanted to be doing- but pretty sure that is illegal, so I had to wait for him to go past me before I could do that.

Armageddon on the I-10

Think this is in the New River area. They have been pummeled this monsoon season.

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