Parental trauma at age 39

No one can fuck with your head quite like family. My Mother is the absolute master of mental mind fucks. With that being said, after a lovely mother-daughter text conversation (she doesn’t actually speak to me often. I’m the text only daughter. Story for another day.) I needed to hit the gym (HARD), and burn off some of the emotional trauma/rage.

As I am plugging away on the elliptical (too big of a chicken to run by myself in the dark, Shadow Goblins/zombies want to eat my imagination- it lives in my brain) I notice that Extreme Weight Loss is on one of the TV’s in the distance.  I can’t actually read most of the subtitles, and I am listening to my own music on my earbuds, BUT I see this 400+ pound mountain of a man crying because he is watching his 265 pound, 15 year old daughter struggling to complete a physical challenge on the treadmill.

Guess what is not a good idea to do after an extremely emotionally charged day? Watch Extreme Weight Loss, that is what.  So, I am on the elliptical, trying to pump out my 5 miler before my 65 minutes runs out and I am blubbering like a fool.  It was terrible.  People were looking at me while trying to act like they weren’t looking at me. You know how that is.

What a day.  So I now have an extra 600 calories to burn today. I believe that will be spent on a berry smoothie and some Cupcake Red Velvet wine!



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