Power of Positivity

Bask in her glory!

As women we are so hard on ourselves and on all of our female counterparts. Today I challenge you ladies. Every woman you see that is dressed inappropriately, is super skinny, or super heavy, is wearing too much makeup, wearing stripper heels IN CHURCH, etc. the list could go on for DAYS… I challenge you to look for the positive in that woman, and instead of sniggering behind her back or talking about her to your BFF…bask in her glory- to her face. Tell her what great shoes, beautiful eyes, great makeup application, well-mannered children she has. Be sincere with your compliment. Watch her self perception change, see the renewal in her step, know that you have promoted positive self-talk for her and watch it bloom in her soul and on her face.  Even if she looks at you like you are crazy, if enough of us pay it forward via “basking”, it costs us nothing, but the pay off is priceless. Try it. What could go wrong?


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