Healthful Eating

Bacon. So delicious, yet so bad for you…right?

For those of us constantly engaged in the battle of the bulge trying to find “healthier options” to replace our favorite comfort foods can get tiresome, boring and sometimes downright revolting.  Added to that every time you turn around one “Health Expert” says one thing, and then an equally educated and credible person takes a completely oppositional viewpoint.  This can be frustrating in the extreme. I suppose that as advocates for our own health and well being, all we can do is research, and go with what we feel is right. Similar to parenting (God help us all).

As I was reading through one of my favorite health/fitness type articles, I see this Bacon -vs- Turkey Bacon article, that may surprise AND DELIGHT you.  I know it did me!  I am not saying to go out and eat ALL the bacon you can get your face on, but it is interesting to see how the “Healthier Options” are sometimes only a little healthier, a draw, or an outright lie.

Bacon. How do I love thee….Let me count the ways!

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