I am one of those people that have the uncanny ability to say the wrong thing at the worst possible time.  When I was younger it was much worse.  My mouth “over loaded my ass” on a regular basis.  Fortunately for me (and the poor people that associate with me on a regular basis), with age I have learned some restraint and have accumulated a filter or two (Some may disagree, but I digress).

Over the weekend I met up with a couple of girlfriends at an old neighborhood haunt for Mexican food and Margaritas (and maybe a teeny-weeny bit of man bashing as one is currently having man troubles- but this is a time honored tradition in the female world).  About 1.5 margaritas in, an old high school chum and her husband walk in.  Of course I am excited to see them, and am moderately fuzzy at this point.  As we sit and reminisce a bit, we revisit the giant hairdo’s of the 90’s and how much hairspray that was needed to adequately inflate the bangs of the hairdo’s of that era.  I laugh and say something to the effect of “I know! 20 years ago we had 40 pounds of hairspray! Now that 40 pounds sunk from here (gesturing to my hair) to here (gesturing to my body)!”  The conversation starts to taper off a bit, and my old friend and her hubby sort of wander off.

Well, once my old high school friend and her husband are out of ear shot, my girlfriend that I had come in with looks at me, laughs and says “I can not believe you said that!”  To which of course, I’m not following, until she says “You basically just told her she’s fat!”.

Well shit.  That was not what I meant.  At least not completely. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own self-deprecation that I don’t realize I have looped others into a perception that they probably don’t want any part of.  With that being said, how does one go and apologize for being an ass?  Maybe, just maybe she didn’t take it that way. (One can always hope) Or, perhaps if she did, she just blew it off as the rantings of an old drunken classmate, and if I bring it back up- then I am making a mountain out of a molehill?

Either way, I feel like a total jackass.

How I feel- most days. Hee Haw

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