Do better!

Winter reminder

As it is only September, I have not had the choice nor opportunity to put on any of last year’s jeans until today.  Nothing really punches you in the throat like the realization that you have once again gained weight. OVER SUMMER.  This should not even be a possibility!  I guess coming home and immediately exchanging my work clothes and bra for my Darth Vader (Has him and three storm troopers posing as “YMCA”. Hi-larious!) PJ’s ,complete with elastic waist band, is not a great idea. I am certain that it doesn’t help that all of my work clothes are made of stretchy (non-wrinkling) material.  Time to exchange the Vader jammies for work out gear.  At least 3-4 times a week like I know I am supposed to do (and say).

Why yes, I do have matching boxers!

It is definitely disconcerting to put on a pair of pants that fit just fine the last time I wore them, and now makes me feel like if I breathe, sneeze or fart the button will pop off like a cork-launch and take out anyone within a ten foot radius.  SIGH.  I knew I had been making horrible food choices and not working out as much as I have been gorging.  The current level of discomfort and the rigid tightness around my waist is highlighting that fact for me as I post this.  It is time for me to get serious about healthier food choices and to start drinking far LESS WINE.  As much as I love thee, Oh Cupcake Red Velvet merlot- you are bad for me and I must learn to limit your consumption (And probably those delicious-summer-in-a-cup Blue Hawaiian’s as well)!

Which brings me to the lies of the myth “If you eat it in the dark/no one sees you eat it, the calories don’t count”.  I do believe my waistline begs to differ on that point.

No Calories


Not quite sure if I am doing this correctly, but today’s writing assignment is supposed to have a “Ping back”. Pingback?


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