Hmm..I wonder...

Finally Friday! Yessssss!

How is it that the last hour (hour and a half) on Friday is the longest, most drawn out hour of your life? Every. Stinking. Week?

I have to tell you, it does not seem like the laws of basic time keeping are still working at 3 pm on a Friday. I think they(the time keepers) sneak their sorry little salaried asses out of the office and the sad, tired, old janitor is the only one left in the building because he is stuck punching a clock. And he is PISSED.  Now, since he is the only one left working on a Friday, he purposely slows down the clock. And maybe takes a long lunch. Then a nap (I did say he was old).

Paradoxically the asshole that replaces him at 5 O’clock on Friday hates working the weekends, and is  much younger so doesn’t have the old time keeper’s work ethic, so his sorry ass speeds up the clock.  Which explains why “Time flies when you’re having fun” (Because someone else isn’t).

Creepy little guy. Totally not going to haunt my dreams at night. AT ALL
I really, really need this shirt!

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