Power of Positivity

OOOOH, Shiny!

I swear on my soul I really do try to concentrate when you talk to me.  If it’s important. And the TV or radio is not blaring in the background. And no one else and nothing is around to distract me. And it isn’t about bills, or taxes or…

It’s not that I don’t want to listen to you, specifically.  It is just that sometimes my brain refuses to stay on one subject.  The longer a conversation drones on or if there is any mumbling whatsoever, my mind will immediately wander.  It is a trait that I blame on my Celtic ancestors. No, wait.  I blame it on my Native American ancestors.  Regardless of which ancestral line is at fault, sometimes the shape of a cloud is infinitely more seductive in comparison to a conversation about football. Or where to go have dinner and with whom.

The good thing is that because I am so easily distracted by the shiny, I tend to be a rather optimistic type of person.  Isn’t it better to have a one-sided conversation with a dreamer than a grumpy-Gus?


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