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Vicky, You are the devil!

Ever see “Water Boy” with Adam Sandler? One of the premises in that movie is that the main character’s mother is concerned that her son will be lured into doing (unapproved) things by his girlfriend, Vicky Vallencourt. So, she tells her boy that she is “the devil”, and to stay away from her lest he be tainted.

Well, I have my own Vicky Vallencourt, and at least once a week I say the phrase “Vicky Vallencourt, you are the devil!”.  If it isn’t going out for Mexican Food instead of eating my boring old frozen Lean Cuisine it is signing up for ANOTHER virtual race.  Silly banter? Sure.  But it gets the point across (not really but it makes us laugh because we are easily amused).  SIGH.  Now I have a new medal I MUST HAVE and it is all because it is both PINK and a PIRATE.  How can a girl say no?  #BlingJunkee  On the positive side- it will get me motivated to get out there and get running!

It IS Talk Like a Pirate Day weekend after all

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