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What a Food-iot! (Yes, I am talking about me)


/fuːd/  + [id-ee-uh t]  = /fuːd-ee-uh t]

  1. any person of reasonable intelligence that continuously eats a larger proportion of calories than they can possibly burn in one day, with the thought that they will do better tomorrow, or Monday.
  2. any person engaged in a constant battle with food where food consistently wins. Based on either taste, season, festivity or mood.

This is taken from “Jolene’s Internal Dictionary”, so do with it what you will.  I do not know why I continue to struggle so much with food (and wine).  I know how hard it is to burn off those extra calories.  I know how proper nutrition fuels a body and brain better than Halloween Oreos and half a bottle of red wine.  Yet, for some inexplicable reason I find myself drawn into the same scenario- often. (Then subsequently hate any type of shopping trip that involves trying to find something/anything that looks good, and looks good on ME)

I have plans to work out hard this week and start those “baby steps” to get back into training for a half marathon.  Wisely, I prepped by buying lots of fresh fruit, veggies and chicken breast for the week. Sagely chose a nutritionally dense breakfast on Sunday, then ran just shy of 5 miles. Ate a sensible lunch. Planned for grilled chicken breast and steamed brussel sprouts for dinner.  Then lost my ever-loving mind when I went to my girlfriend’s house for dinner.  WHAT THE HELL!?!

I did eat my dinner, and it was good. It was nutritious.  It also left me hungry enough to drink several glasses of red wine with my friend.  Then by the time I needed to pour myself into bed and sleep it off, I have acquired an insatiable sweet tooth. Which can only be appeased by several Halloween themed Oreo cookies. Oh, and a cup of 1% milk. At least I got that calcium shot today, right?  I also vaguely recall picking an argument with the hubs for not giving me the last Magnum ice cream pop in the freezer.

Borrowed from Food-Junkie. Not a McD’s fan. Is just a great image

Definitely not my best moment.  Good thing that man is used to my “crazy” and loves me anyway. (Or figures he can just make me fall off a random cliff at some future point when he can’t take it anymore.  I am a klutz and that could be moderately believable. If anyone hears that happened, please contact someone for me.)

I am kidding. He has said this is a possibility if I ever turn into my Mother.

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