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Writing 101: Give and Take

Assignment: Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

Me:  “I hate these types of things. How the hell do I know what I am supposed to compare and         contrast?!”

Self:  “I suppose I could compare and contrast the ‘office’ me to the ‘home’ me…?

Me:  “Does it really matter which one of us you use? Because we both talk to ourselves constantly.”

Self: “True enough.  But work me is much more reserved than normal me.”

Me: “To a point.  I mean, we were called the ‘voice of reason’ at a party just a few weeks ago.”

Self: “Shit.  Forgot about that.”

Me:  “No, you didn’t.”

Self:  Sigh. “I know.  It still smarts. It’s not like I want to be a total irresponsible party animal or anything…”

Me: ” I know.  You just got tired of being invisible.”

Self:  “Exactly! But, ‘home me’  definitely has some loud, obnoxious moments!”

Me: “But we both have trouble fitting in.  Home or work.”

….and that is me in a nutshell.  Square peg, round hole.

Borrowed from Project: Funempolyment



2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Give and Take

  1. Well, your piece served as an echo for me as well. It’s interesting to me because it’s like you used two versions of yourself to talk about 2 other versions of yourself. That actually added a neat layer to this and – I suspect – it made it more difficult to write. I like how “me” called “self” out with “No, you didn’t.” Next challenge – could you write a dialogue between the pure work you and the pure home you? And these “me” and “self” out?


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