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Bed Time Bling

I have not been sleeping well lately. At all.  I believe this is partially due to my running medals (and my idiotic penchant to turn on TV and re-watch movies…But I digress).  I have been holding out, waiting for a friend to have the time to make me a beautiful medal holder to display my “accomplishments”.  In the interim of that waiting period I started piling them, one-by-one on my bedpost.

I just got my most recent “Pink Pirate” 5K one (which is the SHIT) and brings my grand total up to 10 medals. Think 4 half marathons, 3 5K’s and 3 10K’s ( I could be totally lying, my memory is not so bueno).  The last couple of nights I have been incredibly restless and have been flinging my pillows around in my sleep.  Problem with that is that every time a pillow glances a medal it sounds like a whole herd of burglars are trying to bust in my windows a-la A Christmas Story.

Black Bart Photo Cred to http://mattandtimfunny.blogspot.com/2011/11/ralphie-stuff.html

The hubs has had issues with this idea from the beginning as anytime we bang one out it sounds like wind chimes on a really windy day.  I thought it added ambiance. But, I am romantic like that.  (Don’t know why my teenagers wander around with headphones in all the time)  PS- Should my daughter wander onto this blog, I have included a link for therapy: Scarred for Life

Scarred for Life. Sorry kiddo, but Mom’s gotta get her swerve on! Photo cred: http://busy-bod.com/category/busyme/

Break in! Oh, wait. That’s just my medals

Bedtime Bling


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