Hmm..I wonder...

Starbucks- Bribing adults to go to work since 1971

As I readied myself for the dreary cubicle this morning, I knew I would be needing some caffeinated fortitude, so decided to treat myself to Starbucks.  While standing in line waiting for my cup of caffeinated deliciousness, I took a good look around me. There were several corporate drones like myself, a few work men, a couple of cops and a sprinkling of soccer Moms.  While perusing my fellow patrons the thought occurred to me that absolutely NO ONE looked happy to be there.  Every single person was either looking at their watch (I know! Who wears those antiquated things anymore!?!?), staring zombie-like at the poor, harried baristas, or angrily tapping out texts/emails on their phones.  What a sad way to start out the day, right?  All pissed off because you have to go somewhere you’d rather not, and at an hour you would rather be sleeping, or doing pretty much anything else but prepping for that hour long drive into the city, in stop & go traffic with a thousand other dick heads that are running late (since no one else seems to understand the concept of leaving early), so are consequently driving and putting on makeup, texting, reading, eating…you get the idea.

I understand we all need to work for a living, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all find a little fun in our day to day?  Or hell, just look at others in the same boat with compassion and smile.  That shared smile doesn’t hurt anyone. Unless of course your face is broken from driving your bus in front of a puddle when one of your passengers has a bike on the rack. (Sorry, Phoenix joke. What? Too soon?)

I figure in this life there are a thousand things that beat you down on the daily, but a million little things to be grateful for that help alleviate that crush of habitual responsibility.  Starbucks being just one of those little bumps that help smooth over a restless night and help you make it through another day at the office.  Thank you Starbucks!


My dreary desk
My dreary desk

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