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No, Dan, no!

Like so many other things that shouldn’t be laughed at yet result in chuckles, giggles, or guffaws…I bow to you. Poor Granny. LMAO.  This is the first time I have attempted to Re-blog, so not sure how this works.


This came to me whilst washing up and feeling completely uninspired for a prompt response *grin* Happy Friday, Daily Post promptees *wink*

Gran was teased by her grandkids for listening to Ole Blue Eyes on her outsized headphones. Looking at the slumped form in the easy chair, blood trickling from a large dent amongst her blue-permed hair, Frank suspected she wouldn’t be doing that again, not this side of the Pearly Gates. His gaze took in Grandpa’s prize fishing trophy lying on the floor beside the chair, speckled with blood and then to his dumb-ass brother who leaned against the wall grinning, waiting for approval. With slow deliberation, Frank spoke:
“Dan, that is not what I meant when I said to ‘drop the bass’ on grandma.”

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