Hmm..I wonder...

Things that make me go hmmmm…Memories

Anyone else have the issue with a lagging memory?  When I was younger I could say things like “I never forget a name or a face!”. Now, I can say “I never forget a face! (mostly)”.  How completely irritating is it to be engaged in an argument with your other half and realize half way through the argument “HOLY SHIT. You DID say/do that and I am wrong.”  Even worse than realizing it is trying to decide mid-argument if you are going to do the right thing and admit it, or just hash it out and make sure he thinks he’s the one that forgot? (Don’t worry honey. I don’t have the memory capacity for that particular game anymore.)

So, what the hell is it?  I don’t remember (hah! badumpbump) my Grandparents getting this forgetful until they were in their 60-70’s!  Is it the preservatives in our food? The new technologically bastardized Franken-food supply?  Is it the electromagnetic impulses that surround us all day and night? Or is the insane onslaught of useless information gleaned from social media just too much for our antique memory banks to keep up with?

I know I feel like a Dewey decimal system card-catalogue in a world full of micro-chips somedays.

(Sorry I saw this and couldn’t help but LOVE the imagery!  Perhaps the contents could be a small contributor to the memory banks too..ahem.)

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