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Google. I love you, but you terrify me!

For our 20th anniversary the hubs and I went to Can Cun for a week of romance and fun in the sun (AKA drinking mass amounts of liquor and gorging ourselves unconscionably at an all-inclusive resort). We had an AMAZING amount of fun! Did a decent amount of touristy things, and of course flew there and back home.

Well, once back at home I get an email from Google+ asking me to look at “My trip” and share. I open up the email and see a’la Indiana Jones map where I started my flight out, where we checked in at each stop, the pictures that I had taken and WHERE in a lovely little chronological video of our trip.  Mind you, not all of these pictures were posted to FaceBook or any other Social Media site, but I did use the “CLOUD” to back up my pictures.

JimnMe Playa DelCarmen

I was both in awe and terrified of how easy it was to track my whereabouts while I was travelling.

Today, I see this article on MSN about people that hack others via WIFI.  Which is funny, because a friend of mine had told me EONS ago to NEVER, never,NEVER use free WIFI.  Anyway- this is an interesting and eye opening read.  Free WIFI? Just say NO



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