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THIS is why I love runners!

We tend to be of a slightly different mind set from “normal” people.  I mean, why would anyone willingly run several miles at a time unless they are being chased by a psycho-serial killer clown or rabid wolf-bear hybrids? What type of absolute nut job would WANT to run 13.1 miles (or 26.2 or 50+)?  Especially when most of the people running know they are not at “competition level” so will not qualify for prize money, fame or prestige?

Twisty the clown from American Horror Story. What nightmares are made of

As one of the oddball types that I speak of, I tend to have an “ear” out for running types of articles, and this morning I stumbled across this wonderful little nugget out of North Dakota.  During a championship Cross Country Conference one runner felt a pop in her knee just 800 meters from the finish and collapsed in pain from the injury.  While other competitors flew by her on the track, one lovely girl not only escorted her off the track, but carried her on her back for the remaining 800 meters. That is close to 1/2 a mile.

When Melanie Bailey was asked why she compromised her place in the competition, the youngster replied “It’s just a race that’s the thing.  A person is forever, a race just lasts 25 minutes.”.

In today’s society where kids are overly concerned with selfie’s and the newest Iphone, it is refreshing to see that some are still able to see other humans in need.  Bravo, Miss Melanie! Bravo!


Now that is the heart of a champion!


Heart of a Runner


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