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Best fall food…Pumpkin versus Sweet Potato

As you can probably tell from my “pen name”, I am a devout foodie.  I love everything there is to love about food: textures, smells, flavors and consistency. When it comes to fall food- I, like so many others, fall victim to the “Pumpkin-flavored” this, pumpkin-flavored that.  I won’t lie- I love a little “pumpkin spice” in my Chai tea (yes, I know it has very little-if any actual pumpkin in it), and every year I make pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls (hey- it’s tradition!).

I do enjoy the occasional sweet potato.  I like mine eaten more like a loaded baked potato versus swimming in marshmallow fluff, or added to a delicious soup instead of whipped to death and drowned in butter- but that is me.  It did make me wonder which is better for you (you know, before it gets drowned in sugars,butters and fluffer-nutters).

Sweet Potato -VS- Pumpkin, Fall Nutrition battle

Full article here

I haven’t tried this one yet- but it sounds delicious:  Pumpkin Soup  Ok, it may not be the healthiest recipe, but it does sound delish!

Borrowed from JustaPinch Kitchen

Wouldn’t be right to not include a recipe from the winner, now would it?

Sweet potato & creamed Spinach Soup


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