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Interesting thoughts on weight loss (gain)

We all know it isn’t rocket science to lose weight, it is just a matter of calories in versus calories out.  The harder we work our bodies and the less garbage we use as fuel, the more efficient and lean those bodies become. Now actually DOING the work and utilizing the correct nutrition is where a lot of us stumble.

If you happen to be one of those rare birds that do the work and reap the benefits good for you!  You are already miles ahead of couch potatoes in the marathon of life (in a good way).  If however, you do the work, eat right and still occasionally have weird “fat” days, here are 11 weird reasons you may be gaining weight .

Interestingly enough, dehydration is one of those 11- it can lead to all sorts of maladies.  Definitely make sure that you aren’t dehydrated if a go to snack is Chia seeds.  Apparently that could create a whole new slew of fun issues for you. Check it out:  Why you should soak chia seeds before you eat


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