Virtual Runs

Running Dead Virtual Run

Zombiefied.  Pretty groovy medal. I need to work past the 5K’s again and get back up to 1/2’s.

Legs like lead

Lungs like butter

Zombie ran anyway-

‘Cuz Ima tough mudder

2014zombie run

It has been a really long time since I have posted anything about running. That would be because I have been SUPER LAZY lately!  Since my half marathon in May in Orange County I think I may have only logged maybe 100 miles- and that is being generous.  I do NOT know what my deal is!  I have been eating terribly, not working out and I feel like absolute shit- and I know WHY.  I just don’t get why I can’t seem to find my drive and ambition. Maybe it is buried under my fat pants.

I ran a very slow 5K, did not PR.  But I did run the majority of it and I made myself sprint the last couple of hundred meters. Of course, I felt fabulous once I was done- and simultaneously wished that I was running another the next weekend.

I have so much fun when I run and feel so good when I take care of myself, so it continues to annoy and baffle me why it is so easy for me to fall off the fitness wagon. Yes, I am now driving an extra TWO hours a day during the week to commute- but that has been the same for six months and millions of other people can do it- so I know I can too. And, YES I am turning 40 at the end of the year…but so have BILLIONS of other people, and many of which tout the 40’s as a GREAT decade. And, YES, my oldest has moved out of the house, and doesn’t communicate his well-being often enough to suit me, but that is not any reason for self-flagellation either.  Sigh.   All you can do, is pick yourself up, dust off and get back on the horse, right?

So- this is the plan for my next paycheck.  15K Chocolate Run- Back on the horse

Isn’t it amazing the things we think about when forced to squeeze ourselves into last year’s jeans? Because, yes- that is what started all of this. LOL.  Happy Friday Eve, Y’all!


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