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Get out there and vote, people!

It never fails to piss me off when I hear people belly-ache about current or past policy, politics or laws- when they do NOT VOTE. If you can’t be bothered to cast your ballot, then don’t bother me with your tripe! Do you know how many people fought and died to give you the right to be a lazy, whining ass-bag?  For Pete’s sake, you can set it up to VOTE BY MAIL now.  And Google has all the information you will need on any of the candidates for any of the elections! (You may get sidetracked with all of the mud-slinging, but the info is there) The interwebs is all powerful, and all knowing.

It especially steams me when it is a WOMAN. We have only had the right to vote for 100 years (just shy). So many women suffered incredible indignities to give us the right to stand side-by-side with men to vote. Yet, so many women today feel that either their voices don’t matter, or they are too “busy” to make the time.  So to those of you that are a blight to our kind (those that vote and use our brains)- do us a favor, either shut it about what you don’t like in foreign/domestic policies, register to vote and DO IT, or go shackle yourself to some domineering jack ass that lives in a truly male dominated country where you have NO VOICE, no choice and then get back to me on how hard you had it here in the good-ol’ U.S. of A ( and you can suck it).

The absolute patriarchal idiocy that those poor women were subjected to on a day to day basis makes my skin crawl.  It is a good thing that I was born in this era, able to speak my mind and knowing that I won’t be thrown IN JAIL or beaten by my husband for doing so (and legally too).  So, the next time you, or someone you know, gets on that high horse and talks about those “poor Muslim women in third world countries that have no voice” remind them that they don’t either if THEY AREN’T USING IT TO VOTE. (PS Don’t judge the austere looks of the women then. They just spent 60 days in prison for picketing the White House-in peaceful protest. Some literally force fed while there for trying to hunger strike)

HMMM, on a side note- I wonder if the outcome in the  1882 electoral vote (and subversive tactics used by the liquor industry) has any bearing in Prohibition…?  Just saying- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. They also say that no memory lasts longer than that of a be-grudged woman. Just a thought. (Referenced from American Timeline below)

A little suffrage history      English        American Timeline


Borrowed from
One of many anti-suffragette propaganda pieces

This history lesson brought to you by i8there4irun.


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