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The weirdest reason I will never go to Afganistan

Among the plethora of reasons that I would never willingly step foot in Afganistan, the weirdest one of all would be because of super-odd wildlife.  They have FANGED deer. Umm, what? Yes, you read that right.  They have a fanged, yet endangered deer.  Apparently they can also be quite elusive, as it has been over 60 years since the last one was spotted.(Only thing missing from the title would be “Carnivorous Fanged Afgani Deer”)

Ever see “Without a Paddle”?  The scene that the deer growls at Seth Green?  That is what comes to my mind immediately.

Except the real one has BIGGER teeth!

I mean, I guess it is sort of cute…but still odd.

I wonder if the Afgani people think buffalo or chipmunks are creepy weird…? (The platypus goes without saying)

I also wonder if there are any of these out there and taxidermied…Hmmm. I wonder if Jenny, The Bloggess  has seen one yet…?


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