Power of Positivity

“Let’s make Arizona less of a shit hole” Party tactics

I have to say- it grabbed my attention right away. 

AZ American Select

I mean, how can you argue with that statement? I have just spent the majority of my morning pouring over gubernatorial candidates, and have so far not found any “perfect” one.  The one I was the most excited about, a write- in that seems to be very smart, and less oily than so many of the others does not believe in equal rights.  Which some people will say is not what gay marriage is all about, but that is what it boils down to. It is disappointing. Because his oddly different attempt at campaign signs (On kid type poster board with just his floating face in the center of it) had my interest and my sense of humor piqued. .

But like so many of the others, once you start digging into what they are for, or against it becomes baffling.

Why is it that so many candidates feel they have the divine right to say who can and who can not terminate a pregnancy?

And right there- with that one statement, many of you only see red, and will hear nothing else outside of “abortion is murder”. Well, what if this is a child? A victim of rape, incest? She just has to deal with it because it’s God’s will? What about HER WILL?  Just saying folks- take RELIGION out of politics!

Alright, off my Soap box.  I don’t care who y’all vote for, but get out there and vote Dammit!

Like ma’ boots?

AZ voter guide


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