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Not sure how I feel about this one…It is pretty weird to put that much pressure on a DOLL. Isn’t it?

I think today may just be “Weird News Around the World Day” or something!  Either that or I have been disconnected from social media for too long (like a WEEK! Gasp. Clutch the pearls, Ethel!).

Alright, so many of us may have looked at Malibu Barbie (or whatever nemesis you chose as an adolescent) and thought “WHAT a bitch! There is NO humanly way that I can ever look like that!”.  With that being said though, aren’t dolls, cartoon characters and action figures just toys and a fun vehicle to create imaginary worlds by suspending disbelief  and immersing ones self in the make believe world that the character is from (as a child of course. ahem, cough, cough)?

I mean, no one truly believes that horses have blue hair, wings and painted butterflies and rainbows on their butts when they are born, but the My Little Pony franchise did quite well when I was younger.  Just like no boy ever seriously thought he would be able to buff up, control lightning with a sword and wear the shockingly short booty-shorts of He-Man. But it was fun to do pretend battles against Skeletor with the other Masters of the Universe (OK, maybe some boys had alternative dreams).  Would it have been as much fun to have apocalyptic style wars with normal looking figurines?  Maybe with pot bellies, receding hairlines, saggy muscle tone and bad posture?  Or when building and outfitting Barbie’s dream condo, would  a normal 20 something year old woman’s salary have a pink Chevette in the driveway  instead of the standard pink Corvette? You know, because the kids would prefer it that way?

I am going to go with an emphatic NO.

I understand that women are trying to change the unrealistic body images that are out there- but I also think that cellulite, stretch marks and gray hair is taking it too far. But, I could be in the minority (Doubt it, but it could happen).

Normal Barbie- TOO normal?


2 thoughts on “Not sure how I feel about this one…It is pretty weird to put that much pressure on a DOLL. Isn’t it?

  1. I don’t think it’s taking it far enough. Make stuff like “binge-eating Barbie,” “Can’t Eat Barbie,” and “Barbie gets her first razor.” Lets really draw attention to the darker sides of life if we are going to slather reality all over a fantasy doll.


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