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Mom in AWE

It isn’t that often that I stumble across someone that truly inspires me, but today I did. This is a wonderful blog from a truly AWESOME Mom!

I hate that her baby boy has to struggle in school, and the bathroom scene made my heart ache- but what an advocate for this boy! Get ’em Mama!


Awesome Mom- MomSome, if you will


2 thoughts on “Mom in AWE

  1. I think there should be a bathroom prompt. We all have our stories, right? Why don’t you suggest it so all the fame and glory will be yours? Love the two blog entries I read. Wondering what a virtual run is…Is that something I could do from the sofa? I’m following. Where are you going to lead? Judy

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  2. Virtual runs are a runners DREAM Is what they are! LOL For those of us that enjoy running it is a way to stay accountable, and communicate virtually to other runners involved in the same type of thing…Plus you get medals. I LOVE ME SOME BLING! For instance, if I wanted to contribute to a good cause, I could go to pick a race and compete “virtually”. It is just a weird, fun and wacky thing that a lot of us enjoy. Thank you for your kind commentary and reading my stuff. Honestly I feel that all glory should go to those that are deserving- and for this particular arena, I am definitely not worthy. :o)


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