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Sad day in the running community

Yesterday, November 20th was “National Hug a Runner” Day. Unfortunately it was also the first day I had heard of a fellow virtual runner, Tiffany Ferguson.  From all accounts she would have been the type of person I would have enjoyed interacting with online, or exchanging an exuberant post-race hug.  Although she wasn’t in the  RunJunkeEs virtual running club and support group that I am involved with, she was a fellow runner in the Pathetic Runner Group , a similar type of online community.

Even though each Face Book group has around 5,000 members, we interact and support each other much like family. So when a sad, tragic event like this happens within our community it both breaks the heart, and allows us to come together in support of a fallen friend.

It is heart breaking that something so vicious and violent could happen to anyone.  It makes it even harder to know that she was in the process of getting out of an intolerable situation- but was prevented by a volatile almost-ex-husband.

With a heavy heart today, I ask that all of my run buddies dedicate their runs this weekend in honor of Tiffany and her four surviving children.  Those poor little angels have some very heavy stuff to overcome. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.  Tiffany Ferguson Information    Run and Go Fund Me info    Mother of Four

Please include the #PRGRunsforTiffany on all runs dedicated to her memory.

Photo courtesy of Up North Live

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