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We made it! WAHOOOO!!!

Ever notice just how much longer the week after a short week is? Last week was amaze-balls as it was only a three day work week (at least for me). I actually had the rare opportunity to spend more time at home and with family than at work or commuting.  I wish that I could say four days off was plenty of time to get the house, yard, laundry and other chores all done with fun time to spare- BUT, that would be a huge LIE.  I did, however, have plenty of time doing a whole lot of goofing off (and you can tell as my house is a wreck and ZERO Christmas decorations are up).

Little play by play of my week:

Wednesday: It sucked chunks.  I actually had to do full blown grocery shopping on the Wednesday afternoon post work, for Thanksgiving. BAH. I do not recommend anyone do that – ever.  I won’t even go into that insanity as I am still working hard to block that entire scene from my memory.

On Thursday, I did cook Thanksgiving dinner- BUT, I refused to get out of my PJs all day. No bra (AKA constrictive contraption built by “the man” to keep us womenfolk from taking over the world. Paradoxically without which we can’t leave the house- because, well, EUWW. At least if you have a “generous bosom”), no shoes. Ate turkey and pie all day. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Friday- I got up and did my 5K turkey trot. Which was more of a Gobble Wobble after all the food the day before.  My time was not good, in any stretch of the imagination. But I did get off my rapidly expanding derriere and ran.  Then we did the family thing and got dressed took food and visited. Also nice- but not in a no-PJ’s kind of way.  Ate MORE turkey and pie.

Saturday I don’t even remember what we did! HA, and woops.  Dementia is a BITCH.  Saturday night did a “Friendsgiving” and hung out with friends and, get this- ate MORE turkey and pie (I may be detecting a pattern).

Sunday, the hubs was at work and the kids ditched me for greener pastures, so I did some half-assed house work and watched sappy romantic comedies all day.  Pretty well rounded, awesome weekend. Just long enough to almost , almost get bored and miss work. Snort. HA, Like that’ll happen!

I then made the heroic decision to EAT ALL THE PIE, so I wouldn’t have to eat it all the next week.  I can be such a martyr.

Which is why Monday was so TERRIBLE.  Talk about a food hangover. YUCK.  Saw this on Face Book and it really summed up my feelings for Monday:


What was the point of this whole “conversation”? Oh yes! That we MADE IT! Through an incredibly long week, fraught with leftover turkey and pie and lived to see another weekend!  So, happy Friday my friends!  May you all have a long, enjoyable and safe weekend!

Borrowed from http://www.inspiraspanishtutoring.com Pretty damned accurate!

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