Power of Positivity · Race Day · Time to be Better

Post race day AKA Finally able to walk like a human again

Well, it only took me two and a half days of Epsom salt baths, heating pads and rolling pin sessions- but I am back to normal! (OK, as normal as I can get, anyway. har-de-har) I can now amble around without (much) pain. YAHOO!  Yes, I am in current discussions about my next long distance race- because I may have a learning deficiency.  I should not have been as sore as I was considering the amount of walking and talking that we did on Sunday- but the couch time has really caught up to me.  Sure do hope that I have learned my lesson before the next run! (Probably not- because I am very stubborn, and love food and movies as much as breathing- and as recently mentioned have a learning deficiency)  Which also means, I need to stop ignoring my Hal Higdon App and get my happy ass back out on the trail.

This is how I fill my time and keep from killing people. I mean, ahem, keep my “positive outlook”. I look up funny memes.  There are some weirdly creative souls out there.  Wish I had seen this one for Monday’s posting:

Yep- Nails it! Stolen from http://www.thewannabechef.net

This just cracks me up.  I do wonder what my dogs think when they are sprint/dragging me on walks…

Borrowed from Yoddler.com

This would be the hubby’s sign…If he were motivated to 1. Make a sign and 2. Go to another race

(To be fair- I would have to trade off with another one of his dart tournaments, and I would rather be force fed ground up worm intestines while simultaneously having bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails by irate silver-back gorillas. Pretty sure he feels the same way. Hey, we each have our own interests.)

Flickr.com had this funny one from a Rock N Roll Marathon

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