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Food. Glorious Food!

I really struggle to not be a complete and total Jabba the Hut during this time of year. I love food!

Pretty much sums up the holidays, doesn’t it? Borrowed from

So many varieties are available at the office pot lucks! For me, food is the window into other cultures. Mexican, Native American, Indian, Pakistani, Dutch, German, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Irish- every single culture has some delicious regionally specific dish that resonates within their cultural sphere. I love being lucky enough to enjoy the different textures, flavors, spices….Delish!

What is pretty funny, is that my go-to comfort food is Mexican.  If I am feeling sad or hung over I want Mexican food. Specifically re-fried beans and Mexican rice.  If I am feeling celebratory- I want tacos, rice, beans and margaritas.  Can you tell I grew up in Phoenix? Love me some Sonoran cooking!

Maybe that is the way to change the world.  Make everyone take a culinary class and explore all other cultures via gastronomy?


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