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Damn you, Kris Kringle!

I don’t know how it is, but once again Christmas has donned it’s ninja socks and quietly snuck up on me again.  You would really think that as it occurs on the EXACT SAME DAY every year, that I would prepare better for it.  Judging from the PLETHORA of images via Google- I am not the only one affected.  See?

I need this in my life!!
Most bad ass Santa I have ever seen! (Think he could eat your spleen? HA!) Photocred:

It’s not like Hannukah- where the days will change slightly since the Roman Calendar and the Hebrew Calendar are not quite the same.

Photocred to :

So, this year I tried Black Friday- SO NOT A FAN.  Also because of severe ass drag, and the delay it has caused me,  I will have to do all of my Christmas shopping this weekend. Which apparently is the WORST thing you can do if you hate crowds like I do.  So, I shall soothe myself with funny commercials in an effort to alleviate some social anxiety.

Have you seen the commercials for K-Mart’s Joe Boxer?  Jingle Bellies- Hilarious! And now I must stop there to see if I can’t get the drawers on the left…My left, which are the black and red ones, I believe?)

Anyway- If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look. Hilarious!



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