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Every cloud has a silver lining…Sort of.

I try really hard to be optimistic.  Sometimes I have to look really, really hard to find that silver lining in the clouds- but so far I have always been able to find it.

Today’s silver lining would be traffic. Weird, I know.  Every year during Christmas “break” (for the kids- not for me) I remember why it is that I wish I was able to find a decent paying job at one of the school districts.  I really, truly despise going to work while one or both of my kids are home “nestled all snug (or smug as the case may be) in his/her bed” while the hubs and I traipse off to work. About the only nice thing about working down town during the week of Christmas is that a large portion of other (much smarter) people are off this week.  So, I have a 45-60 minute commute cut down to about 30-35 minutes.  So that is something.  Hey- I said I look for good points.  I did not say that these points were always amazing little pearly gems of wisdom.  But, even the small points are enough to keep you going (One hopes, anyway).

Remember a couple of posts ago where I complained about having to hit the malls for some last minute shopping on the Saturday before Christmas?  Well, I don’t know why they call it “Super Saturday”, because the only thing “Super” was the size of the lines and the incredible ability of people to be insanely rude in the name of the holidays.  ICK.  Which conversely is why I am thinking about moving to Alaska.  Sure, I actively despise the cold, and can barely function in subzero temps…BUT- there are way less people in any given area, and generally where less people congregate, the more certain things flourish- like common decency and courtesy, common sense, and basic manners.

There is a paradigm for you- how is it that in a “country” area that most city slickers look down their collective noses at the “hillbillies”, or more nicely put “country folk” that those same “uneducated, simple” people have better manners and are generally nicer to be around? HMMMM.  Something to think about.

Anyway- back on topic.  Where was I? Ah, yes.  The mall.  Jammed full of people all jockeying for the best gift at the best price, and God help you if you are attempting to look at the “last” of something in any given store.  Because the second someone hears that is the “last” thing-a-ma-jig it triggers some sort of Hunter-Gatherer response that immediately puts people into competition mode.  Shudder.

The line in Bath & Body Works was so long- on BOTH sides of the store that it took me 37 minutes to make it to the counter.  There were so many people shoved into that small store that I actually started to feel like I was going to have a panic attack.  Got all sweaty and had a hard time breathing.  The Short video I tried to take doesn’t do it justice- but will give you an idea.  (I will try to add to Instagram and put in the media section) This was compounded with every damn kid in that line spraying shit all over themselves, their friends and random passersby.  Does NO ONE beat their kids anymore?  This would have been a very welcome parenting tool in the midst of the Christmas Chaos. But I digress.

There was a decent sale going on and a rather large breasted woman kept turning about and switching her choices- and hitting the poor guy behind her with her Maximus Bosomus.  Was actually pretty comical.  He was SO very uncomfortable.  Mainly because her boobs out aged him by a good two decades. Her counterpart though, was a complete jerk.  That classless jackass kept deliberately stepping back, hard,  in an attempt to gain some room behind her.  The problem with that is it was a stroller, complete with small child, that was directly behind her.  The Dad was NOT pleased and I seriously thought that some Grade A, Jerry Springer style shit was about to go down- but Boobies Gynormicus saved the day.

After that bout of AWESOME, the hubs and I went of to Chili’s to enjoy some nerve-soothing margaritas.  MMMMMM.  Tequila.  The perfect silver lining!



Margarita Time




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