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Google just told me “Happy Birthday”

Although I am terribly flattered, I can’t help but think “Hello, Skynet!”.  Because I do use Google +, Google Circles, Hangouts and the search option so much that I really should work for them, or at least own large shares of the company.  So, maybe this is all just part of the Google courting process, and I should think long and hard about that upcoming job offer.  Make sure it’s a good one, Google.

Google birthday 2014

Yeah, still weird.  The more I look at it, the weirder it is. Not quite as surprising as when they sent me a movie of my Can Cun trip, but still odd.

So far, so good on the birthday front. I didn’t wake up with any noticeably new wrinkles or liver spots on my face, so that is always a plus.  Just had “ma hair did” last week- so no watermelon stripes of gray, also good for the ol’ self esteem.  I also did not wake up with any appreciable new body aches, also a good start to the day. AND, and! I found my car keys this morning without a huge “Where the hell are my car keys!” morning hunt, so thinking today is going to be a good day (Insert Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day” here, as that has now become the background music to this post).

My hubby was awesome enough to cover my registration fees for the May duathlon that I will be doing with two of my friends as a Christmas/birthday present.  Usually the combination of my birthday and Christmas as one gift would get my knickers all up in a knot- but registration was a bit pricey- so I not only won’t complain, I will be grateful and thankful for such a stand up guy.  Thanks, Jimmy!

EspritDeShe Duathlon

Yep. That will be me in May. Scared Shitless now, hope I stay that way! (Little gross runner humor)

Now I just have to shop for a bike. HA.  No, I do not have one yet, because that is how I do things.

On a side note, T minus 2 and counting!  As of January 1st I will once again be quitting my delicious, life-sustaining, Sugar Free Rock Stars and will also be throwing in the towel on all diet soda.  So my New Year’s resolution may just kill me- OR it could cause me to kill someone else in an angst induced-caffeine-withdrawal, anger spiking psychosis.  You have been warned.



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