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New Year, New Resolution (or not)

Although I am not a certified gym rat- I do hit it with semi-regularity.  Mostly because I am too chicken to run in the dark by myself. Which means I have to do my running within the safe confines of the gym.  It also helps with my poor excuse for lungs to not have to deal with the many pathogens, particulates and outright filth in our arid desert atmosphere.

With that being said- I really, really hate this time of year.  The traffic at the gym in January is insane.  I can’t even bitch too much about it, because I am one of “THOSE PEOPLE” myself.  Got fed up with being too well-fed, so now even my fat pants don’t fit.  The only way to fix that is to eat less and exercise more- Enter Gym Class time.  Good luck even getting into one of the classes at my gym for the first month.  Even the 5 AM classes are packed, so unless you are willing to get there at the pre-butt crack of dawn (Like 4:40 AM) you will not be getting a spin bike.  Yes, that is the only class they offer that early, because apparently those are the only people that are insane enough to get up that early.

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Added to that, I go to a relatively small gym, that only offers one class at a time, and the classes that I want to do are already hard to make it into during the week.  Most of them start at 5:30, and it takes me 45-60 minutes to get there from work and I don’t get off until 4:30.  Is a bit of a bummer.  During the summer it isn’t too bad because I can squeak into the class a few minutes late and still have equipment available.  But there are those inevitable assholes that take three spaces and four people’s worth of equipment that they “save” for their work out buddies. I have to tell you, sometimes I wish I didn’t have a morality gauge.  Because how fun would it be, to saunter over and be all “Thanks! These weights were heavy, I am so glad you saved a spot for me!”. Then blow a casual, silent but deadly fart in her direction, so she leaves you alone?  I am thinking it may be worth a try.  As long as it isn’t MMA training, what could it hurt (Besides your pride if you take it too far, because a shart would really ruin the whole effort)?  Then I would of course walk out without putting ANY of it away, because, hey- I wasn’t the one that drug out the 17 different bar bells, weights, yoga mat, and stair stepper now was I?

I have also noticed that I may be just a bit bitchier than normal due to the lack of soda in my life.  I have quit the diet soda, the diet ROCK STAR (which I love dearly) and regular soda. As I have never done crack, cocaine or heroine, I can’t effectively compare the two- but my brain tells me (by beating like a drum during caffeine withdrawals) that it is. Hmmm. Who knew? AHA!  I found a link on the interwebs! (So, it must be true! Bonjour.


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I know! I read the literature, I know exactly how terrible soda, diet or regular is on the body.  But, boy-o-boy is it hard to kick!

What happens when you drink soda

You would think it would be easy- already knowing how bad it is for me. Courtesy of :

Something I notice the article did not mention- arthritis sufferers have more inflammation and pain when they have soda within the body.  I know I have already noticed a profound difference in spinal and hand pain in the few days that I have not imbibed any of that deliciously poisonous nectar.

Today’s post brought to you by the following: Cold Meds, Sleep Deprivation and caffeine withdrawal.


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