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Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned (already)

Forgive me fitness for I have sinned.  It has been a whopping 5 days since I made the vow to become soda-celibate.

Wow, that’s right. I Made it an entire 5 WHOLE days without a single drop of diet soda, regular soda or energy drink of ANY kind.  Then I went home to see that my son had some friends over and a 12 pack of Coke that was only opened the day before was miraculously gone. Well, I exaggerate, there were two cans left in the fridge, and three on the living room table that were about half full.  This, my children, is why I don’t buy soda.

So, after an(other) all day caffeine-withdrawal-induced-headache banging my brain like a drum, peppering my poor cerebrum with pain via the constant bombardment of mini-migraines brought on by severe coughing fits- I sat down with the hubs and we drank those last two delectably delightful, yet terribly unhealthy, super-bad soda-pops.  Because we will be damned if the brat or his friends get to drink all of the soda that we bought.  I relished every. single. drop.  Then realized that I only had enough calories left to eat an apple for dinner.  Fuck it.  It was worth it, and that Fuji was scrumptious.

Dinner of Champions


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