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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

Why is it that money is so much FUN to spend, yet so horrifically boring to figure out how to make it start working for you, instead of you always working for it?  You would think that anything involved in keeping more of those luscious little greenbacks in my hot little hand would be fascinating…Yah, not so much.

I am trying to force myself through an online finance course for “Financial Wellness” and I literally have to read a page, shake my head to clear the cobwebs from my brain and the glaze from my eyes- just to reread it again.  It isn’t that the material is hard to understand- it is just such a total drag!  I have literally caught myself staring off into space between modules.  Not good.  Not good at all.

I have been listening to Dave Ramsey on and off, and have decided that it is time for the hubs and I to start being more fiscally responsible with what little surplus we have.  BUT, at least listening to Dave is interesting.  Most of these classes that I am taking are through work, so have to be specific classes, and the model was not one of “learning is fun!”.  No one in the videos get excited, or have people calling in to scream that they are out of debt.  Zero fun.  Don’t get me wrong, the information is all good to know, but it is DRY.  I would much rather be tuning in to the rants of Dave Ramsey.  At least he engages the audience and fluctuates his voice so that the monologue isn’t monotone.  (“Bueller, Bueller”)

Courtesy of: http://memespp.com/bueller-meme/

One more resolution for 2015- Become more financially responsible, with the goal of having a down payment for a house by this time next year, and very little to no debt other than the mortgage by the end of 2017.  Which shouldn’t be as hard as it sounds since we have very little credit card debt, and just one vehicle financed (and it was a pretty cheap vehicle).

Our biggest struggle as always is the urge to not cook, and pick something up that is quick and easy after those long work days.  BUT, by cooking at home I can kill two birds with one stone.  Bird One- eating healthy is much easier to do when I am the one planning the meal.  I know what a well-balanced and nutritious meal consists of.  If I make it, I ensure that there are no sneaky amounts of fats, sugars and salts in my food.  Plus, Bird Two, by eating at home it saves us CASH.

The hard part about that is, I struggle being the only one to plan the meals, and do all the cooking.  That shit gets OLD fast. But, so does renting.  I just have to remind myself to think of the “long game”.


One thought on “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

  1. Notice how many “fast foods” continue going up EVERYWHERE? That is because, mom’s are usually just too tired or too busy to cook and healthy eating is more expensive. In fact, a LOT more expensive. As long as we see the fast foods growing “fast.” most moms (or dads) are not cooking and grocery stores are throwing out more healthy food because we just can’t afford it. Canning your own food is the way to go. Once it is canned, you have “healthy” and “fast.” But buying the food to can is still expensive, unless you grow it yourself.

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