Power of Positivity

Friday, How I missed thee!

I know I have posted it before- but I love Fridays!  All of the promise of the weekend, with plenty of time to plan for Saturday and Sunday…You haven’t fucked off too long and screwed yourself out of finishing up that long-assed laundry list of to-do’s yet.

Sort of like that first inhalation of fresh air, outside in the early morning sun- when no one else is up yet to pollute the day with their drama. MMMMMHMMMM.

CanCun Pier

Wow.  I sound spectacularly anti-social, right there, don’t I?  I am not saying that I dislike people, exactly, just that they seem to get in my way and crowd me sometimes (And some of them smell). I would much rather be either alone, or with a few select people on the beach pictured above (Playa Del Carmen).  I really need to make a trip back there.  The beach was phenomenal in the early morning and mid evening. Who am I kidding? It was constantly wondrous!

You would really think that the time I spend (mentally) on a beach somewhere would have translated into moving out of the desert by now.  One day the lottery, the next day Fiji! or Bimini, Aruba, Cozumel, Maldives- not picky.


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