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Back to School- Part Deux

So it has only taken me twenty years of on again off again, but I am finally only 10 short classes from completing a college degree.  Online classes are definitely the preferred option for me, but even so- I am going to have to do some serious time budgeting. Between work (and it’s nasty two hour a day commute), school, basic home/housekeeping, parenting and let’s not forget that I am also training for a duathlon in May…Yah, I have got to get my stuff together and get serious about calendaring my time wisely.

I just started classes yesterday and have already had to make a short cut on dinner for the family. So, it looks like hubby is just going to have to learn how to cook, because we will not be eating out every time I run out of time. Mostly because we are also doing the “Dave Ramsey” thing and trying to pay off debt to save for a house in a year. Well, the down payment for a house anyway.  I wish we made enough cake to save to buy an entire house in a year. Well, maybe if we bought in Detroit we could do it…Nah.  Don’t do the cold.

Long story short- I may be blogging in much shorter bursts, with longer beats in between.  Also- and this will be a real surprise (NOT), I may also be a bit more scattered. Hmmm.  So new, I know!

So, my apologies for that in advance, but it is time to put on my big girl panties and finish what I started!

Some fun I found trolling the interwebs:

Courtesy of memebinge.com
Courtesy of http://www.someecards.com
Courtesy of Someecards.com
Copied from: memegenerator.net

….And just like that I am reminded why I need a time budget, and why I should stay THE HELL AWAY from Google Images!!


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