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Anyone else ever wonder…

Anyone else ever wonder how differently your life could be if you had one “superpower”?  I am not necessarily saying that having the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, have X-ray vision, the power of flight or ability to randomly bench press E-trains would be something that I need in my life, but if given the choice I sure as hell wouldn’t say NO to the option.

This meme was found when I was looking for a fun, super hero-y type of meme. Don’t judge me! It’s hilarious! And in fact, one super power that I do currently have. So, take that Mr. Incredible!  (This search led me down, a long and sad path of bad super hero pictures. Hilarious, but in a sad the puppy tripped over his ears kinda way.)

Copied from:
These are from I mean you have to be pretty self confident to tape those chop sticks to your hands after growing out side burns…Superman needs to fix his “area”. ICK.
This is a Samurai costume- Just in case the Hello Kitty threw it off for you. From: /CollegeHumor
I do love packing tape, and Iron Man- So how could it be wrong to put the two together? Genius! Escaped from:

Pretty sure this guy must be “Super Sneak”, because this could be my couch. Well, my spoiled rotten dogs’ couch.  Exhibit A:

Borrowed from:

Exhibit B: (Ok, maybe not exactly my couch- but it is close)

The Dog's Couch

If you could have one non-material wish, or ability to have some sort of Extra sensory power- what would you wish for and why?

I would wish for a photographic memory.  Every single day I forget something.  I am quite tired of it, really.  I have also noticed that the memories of when my kids were small have started to fade and that depresses me to no end.  I want to be able to recall every cuddle, every single second of when they were small enough to need me- because when they were babies I WAS a SUPERHERO.  At least to them, and for a very short while.  I don’t see them ever looking at me with that same look of rapt attention, and that whatever I said was the way things are.  Sniffle. But then again, there are moments that I’d rather forget.  Loss of temper from frustration.  Poopie diaper blowouts, and the smells that accompany them.  Any one of the thousand times that I have embarrassed and/or humiliated myself either by temper, ignorance, or loud-mouther-y.

On a more mercenary front, a photographic memory would serve me well in work, school etc.  Would definitely make school work easier- just read and retain once, kill it on all tests- make those great grades, get a scholarship- get a bigger, badder degree- and THEN make the big burritos.  Maybe even take over the world!  OK, getting ahead of myself.  I wouldn’t want to control the world.  Maybe just a small, self-sustainable island in the warm waters of the pacific. (Yes, I always go back to the beach. Every. Single. Fantasy.  It may be a slight character flaw.)


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