Getting old

Today’s Historical Accuracy of the “Hippie”

My 14 year old daughter’s school is having a spirit week this week- and today is “hippie day”.  Apparently my historical recollection and my daughter’s idea of “hippie” varies greatly.  It all started on Sunday with “Mom.  We HAVE to go to Target.  I need a flowered headband.”

ME:    “Ok…Why do you need a special headband? You hate headbands.”

Mini Me: “Because hippie’s wore flowered headbands.” (The “duh” was implied here)

So off we go to Target. Guess what? ZERO flowered headbands. There were however, several braided leather looking headbands- which I pointed out.  To this I got the “Please.  Those won’t match anything, and I’m pretty sure hippies did NOT wear that” stare.  Then we checked Ross, and Walmart.  Zip. Nada. Three stores and I am done searching. Make your own.

Mini Me: “I guess I will figure something else out”

ME: “Just put braids in your hair.  That was fairly common.”

Insert teenage slump and internal eye roll.

ME:  “You want to borrow my flare jeans? They mimic bell bottoms. I am pretty sure your brother has a Jimi Hendrix shirt you could                         borrow.”

Mini Me: “Uh, no thanks.  Those jeans are thick and tight and they don’t even stretch.”

ME: “Fine then. Figure it all out on your own then.”

Fast forward to last night. “Mom.  Can you run me by my friend’s house? She has some hippie pants I can borrow.”

Sure- because I definitely want to get a gander at what kids these days consider “hippie gear”.  Oh, and one more trip to Target because one of her friends confirmed that a braided head band was time appropriate. (Made her use her own money on that purchase.)

I can’t help but laugh at her get up- but she is very proud of what she threw together. This, apparently is the millenials take on what hippies wore in the 60’s:

This would not be so bad if she would have worn sandals, but that was not happening either.

ME: “Wanna borrow my old Birkenstocks or Jesus Sandals from the Renaissance fair?”

Mini Me: “Uh, no. I don’t wear sandals.”

ME: “So what shoes are you wearing?”

Mini Me: “Either my Van’s or the Hello Kitty Uggs.”

At this point I had to just walk away.  She is proud and happy so who am I to ruin it for her. Kid makes me laugh.  Bright white lace short sleeve top, those insane drawers, most likely the black and hot pink Hello Kitty (TOTALLY time relevant) boots and the one piece of appropriate wear- the braided leather headband.

I wish I could have gotten some pictures before I left for work this morning.




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