Do better! · Eat better · Shark Week

Damn you Oreos!

I did so good with my “I am going to start training for my duathlon, which means exercising on the regular and eating GOOD quality food” until last night.  It is “shark week” for me, and with that comes this insatiable drive to eat EVERYTHING.
Courtesy of Thanks for the depressing mathematics!

I fought the first urge for the chocolate chips that I keep hidden in my freezer with delicously nutritious grapefruit.  Walked outside and plucked them fresh from nature myself. Pat on the back!  Good job! Then I made a nice meal of spicy chicken medallions sauteed in EVOO, steamed garlic green beans and a miserly portion of sauteed garlic fingerling potatoes.  Which was quite good (if I do say so myself) and filling….Until the cramps kicked in and I discovered that someone ate all of my period stash. So instead of just taking a shower and going to bed like a rational person, I actually DROVE to the store to buy junk food.  I haven’t been buying garbage at the grocery store- because if it’s not in the house, I can’t eat it.

But something yesterday just blew that envelope wide open and I had to have Oreos and milk or someone was going to die.

Now, usually there is some emergency dark chocolate chips hidden in the frozen peas bag in my freezer for just such an occasion. But, alas- the kids and the hubby have discovered that last bastion of chocolate camouflage and now I have nowhere to hide my goodies.  Before I was dumb enough to slip and let one see my hiding spot, a bag of chips would last me six months.  Now I am lucky if they last from one period to the next.

What? They are the same shape! and NO ONE just eats peas.

So, I learned two things. The first is that I need to make sure I change into jammies right after work. Because the time it would have taken me to force myself out of my fat pants and back into appropriate for public attire may have (haha) turned the tide. Secondly, would be that when I find a new hiding place to guard it closely and trust no one! Because a small handful of dark chocolate chips would have been OK, but half a bag of Oreos are not.

According to this website Oreos are as addictive as Cocaine. Huh. Who knew? (Besides Aunt Flo)

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