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The Office Busybody

Why is it that every office has that one person that just has to stick their pointy little nose into every situation, project and conversation? The one that no matter how grammatically correct an e-mail chain is, they will find the extra space between a period and the beginning of the next sentence, or that the color code chosen for a spreadsheet is at 25% accent and not 40% which is more legible for some unknown reason- and then feel the need to report each and ever discrepancy to upper management?

Borrowed from The accuracy of this picture defies all logic!!

I have this one lady in the office, that is nice(ish) for the most part, but every.single.project she has to insert her thoughts.  Something as simple as a power point display sent to the director gets a “Reply All” with her thoughts about revisions.

“If you moved slide 2, to slide 3 and added extra notes to the slide it would make more sense.”

Umm, no. Because 1.  The notes are compiled in the “note section” for the speaker (as those with power point experience routinely do) and 2. The slides are placed in the most logical and entertaining order as per the Director’s explicit directions, and with which she has already said that she liked both the notes and the placement. You were included on that email chain too, ya know.

The problem for the busybody is that she was not the first one to submit the power point presentation. She just can’t seem to stand someone else, anyone else getting positive feedback without “pissing on their Wheaties” with some sort of addendum.

Talk about excruciatingly irritating!

She also has a habit of running in the office. All.Damn.Day.  Because she is SO busy. So much busier than everyone else, that she must literally run all of her errands (Oddly enough, email, screen shots and phone calls are faster- but I guess I believe in work smarter…).

Normally I can just giggle on the inside when I see her doing her jogs back and forth to the boss’s office, because I heard her spend the last half an hour on Skype with her sister before the bosses all got in this morning, while on the clock…Until there was someone to notice what a dedicated worker she is.

Sometimes engaging the filters into “politically correct” takes extreme will.  Good thing I have somewhere to vent, right? (With that being said, she is not all terrible all the time. She does have redeeming qualities, like offering to switch lunches so that I can run before it is blazing hot outside. However, I seem to be funnier when I am griping about something…LOL)

Hypocrisy.  Just irritates the hell out of me. (Unless it is funny)

Hypocrisy in religion:; Come on, it is FUNNY

I only have enough space for ONE Hypocrisy in politics, or this could go on infinitely

(OK, I lied, one more)

And my favorite, the gender double standard Girl, you know it’s true

3 thoughts on “The Office Busybody

  1. You have to remember that this busy body is insecure and has a spouse that nit picks every. single. freaking. thing and often gives her the cold shoulder like a damn girl. Her ass kissing will only get her so far, and as we have seen as much as she wants management is not where it will get her….

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