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Monday = Massive Caffeine Craving

How is it that we blast warp-speed through the weekends, but during the Monday-Friday time frame time just sort of slogs by?  What sort of sick game is that? And who’s idea was it to split a seven day week up into 5/2, with the smaller number being the weekend?

As you all know I have quit my precious RockStars, and have cut WAAAAAY back on the soda/diet soda.


I have yet to be able to conquer the caffeine monster.  But I have been trying!  Some days it is just harder to cope with corporate cubicle life than others, and Mondays seem to always take the cake.  After a brief Google Search, I noticed that I am not alone on that one!

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If only I liked coffee! Tea just doesn’t have enough kick!

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On the upside, I have gotten back on track with my running, and am following a Hal Higdon half marathon plan.  Today is supposed to be a rest day, and I have been waffling between pushing it (because I eat way more than I burn, and I need all of the help I can get), and taking it easy since my right calf is a bit sore today from the 5 miler I did yesterday.  But today is only supposed to be 2 miles….So, we shall see if I decide to run, or try to make myself do some planks, push ups and sit ups when I get home.


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