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King Arthur, the Millenial

Is it wrong to expect that when a parent leaves the home at 6 am and doesn’t return until 5:30-6 PM Monday through Friday to provide for her kids food, shelter, Netflix and cable that those same kids (15 and 19 years old- one of which is a girl!) clean up after themselves? Especially since said parent is also trying to squeeze in school after work?

It has been a little while since I went full scale bat-shit-crazy on the family.  Last night after I got home from work I heard a steady drip-drip from the kids’ bathroom.  When I went in there, apparently one of them (neither is fessing up) “forgot” to unplug the tub post bath, so it was full of shaving residue and a disgusting film of ick.  Not to mention the entire Wookie (Star Wars, Chewbacca reference for you non-nerds) species that needed ripped out of the drain.  Now, if you think pulling your own wad of grody, soap-scum riddled hair out of a drain is repulsive, try pulling out someone else’s sometime. I did not barf- but it was close.  Lots of hacking and gagging happened, and I am not ashamed to say it.

Once in there I was forced to take a look around and to my absolute horror and dismay realized what absolute pigs my children have become.  Not only are they pigs, but CLUELESS pigs as they both had friends over. Without CLEANING anything. To say I was disgusted at how obscenely putrid and abhorrent it was is the understatement of a lifetime.

After angrily scrubbing that abyss of shit, I felt like I needed an effing penicillin shot!  The shape that toilet was in was re-God-damned-diculous!  There is NO WAY that every time my son lifts that lid to “shake the dew off his lily” that he didn’t see the piss stains all over the inside (and some on the outside). He was just too lazy to Man up and clean up.

It isn’t like I don’t leave cleaning products and the toilet wand in close proximity to the john- all a person would have to do is a quick swish around the bowl once in awhile.  They also both know how to clean, and how often it is expected. Since that had not been done, it leaves me with the only logical explanation.

I am a magical descendant of King Arthur.  Only I, with my Herculean strength can pull the proverbial Sword from the Stone.

Sword in the Stone 2015


Needless to say there was some serious “tiptoe” around Mom last night. Luckily for them, (and the hubby who was also unable to escape my wrath) I was able to find a cartoon on FX last night to help me wind down (I absolutely adore “How to Train a Dragon”).

When I get home tonight that house better be CLEAN.  They do not want “Day 2- The Reckoning“.


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