Run Forrest · Run!

Dammit. I thought today was THURSDAY!


You ever have one of those days where you wake up thinking that you have advanced further through the week than you really have?  For instance thinking Wednesday is really Thursday (Friday Eve) until about noon?  Boy, if that isn’t a Grade A kick-in-the-ass when you find out that you still have TWO more work days instead of only one, then I don’t know what is.


Such is life, right?

This week can not get gone fast enough.  I am going to absolutely freeze my ass off this weekend, but it is a sacrifice I’m willing to take.  Friday after work, I am leaving on a GIRLS TRIP.  I have not had a GIRLS TRIP since 2007.  And that was my ONLY ONE.  So, I am excited.  What am I doing on said girls trip, you ask?  Saturday we have a 10K planned in Flagstaff. Should be pretty interesting, because we have all three been serious run-weenies this year (which is why we are only doing a 10K instead of a half). The temperature at 10 AM on Saturday will be about 24°F, with a high of 50°.  Here in Phoenix the low is 52° with a high of 80°.  Just a tad different.

List of things I don’t really have, from

Above you will see a lovely list of “Winter Running Essentials”. However, since I live in Phoenix and only run during the day- it is rare that I am out running under 50°. Which means I am going to have to beg, borrow or buy some of the stuff above, as I don’t even own it. Although, my great, good pal Vicky has graciously said she will knit me an ear cover on the drive up. Which is great- that way my crazy hair can frizz out over the top, should be PERFECT!
Borrowed from:

Well, hopefully it won’t snow too bad this week and I won’t have to sacrifice any of my precious running shoes to the Mud Gods.

This is the trail we will be running:

Best part? We get to stay at a girlfriends place in Flagstaff….Complete with hot tub.  NICE.  Get to do some catching up while warming up.  Yep, cannot wait!

****There may be a teenie weenie part of me that is really excited to not have to be present to file taxes on Saturday.  The poor hubs has gotten suckered into that one.  Love ya, babe!

Because I am easily entertained, I figured I would share some of the things I ran across while googling images to find appropriate content (Hah, appropriate. LOL)- I stumbled across some adorable, and hilarious pictures.  Bear with me, I need the amusement!

Found on:

Is it just me, or does the angle of this make him look less like a walrus and more like a…..rear end?

Found on

(I guess appropriate was probably not the best choice of word.)

Because it’s hilarious, and found:

Gotta love the dogs. HAHAHAHA

Found on Pinterest, couldn’t find original link.
Found on Pinterest, via Buzzfeed

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